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On Art


This is the first posting to the On Art blog to be published by Janet Sopp-Sims as events warrant and the spirit moves.

The Artist


I love to draw!  I paint also, but my recent works have been mostly drawings.  I've developed a particular love of reflection.  I found a wonderful faceted champagne glass in a thrift store.  It is central in the piece entitled "White".  I hope you enjoy the work.


I went to the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio.  If you have a young artisan, I hope you will check the school out.  I found it most rewarding.  My degree is in Painting and Sculpture, with a minor in Graphic Design.


I set up a thematically complex still life.  I do photograph them, but I draw them from life.  I don't use a grid, I use my eyes.  I have discovered some great methods for "painting" with colored pencil.  I will be teaching some techniques at Blues Day Studio outside of Austin, TX.  Keep checking the blog for an event calendar and the events page.  And check out Blues Day Studio for all the studio offers.


Thanks for stopping by!  I'll keep every one posted on new works and workshops on the blog.


 - Janet Sopp-Sims